If you’ve scoured the conceptual and API documentation and still can’t find an answer to your question, below are various support resources that should help. We do request that you do at least skim the documentation before posting tickets or mailing list questions, however!

Mailing list

The best way to get help with using Fabric is via the fab-user mailing list (currently hosted at The Fabric developers do their best to reply promptly, and the list contains an active community of other Fabric users and contributors as well.


Fabric has an official Twitter account, @pyfabric, which is used for announcements and occasional related news tidbits (e.g. “Hey, check out this neat article on Fabric!”).

You may also want to follow the principal developer, @bitprophet, for development updates and colorful commentary.

Bugs/ticket tracker

To file new bugs or search existing ones, you may visit Fabric’s Github Issues page. This does require a (free, easy to set up) Github account.


We maintain a semi-official IRC channel at #fabric on Freenode (irc:// where the developers and other users may be found. As always with IRC, we can’t promise immediate responses, but some folks keep logs of the channel and will try to get back to you when they can.